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Sound Post Type

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  1. My spouse and my spouse and i? mirielle really experiencing as well as enjoying the particular layout together with format of your respective blog site. It? ersus a really easy for your sight which makes it a many more enjoyable that we can appear these in addition to pay a visit to more frequently. Did you utilize out there an artist to make your theme? Exceptional operate!

  2. September 1, 2012i know they aren’t as epic Harry potter, they don’t have the crazed fan based of things like twilight, they aren’t masterful works of literature that will span the ages like Shakespeare. but god damn it they are my absolute favourite books. they are so witty and? clever, and they occupy a universe that is so different to anything in any book i’ve ever read. thank you lemony snicket .

  3. En esto si estoy de acuerdo, hay otras formas de disfrutar e incluyo.. También… Qiero decir, que se puede disfrutar de todo en su justa medida, que los niños deben disfrutar de la naturaleza, del balón, de la peonza o el yo-yo, pero también de la tecnología…. Eso si todo en su justa medida…Lo único que digo es que en los tiempos que corren no pueden vivir de espaldas a ella, deben aprender a convivir con ella, disfrutandola junto a todas las cosas que nos ofrece la vida…… pero entendiendo que, actualmente, la tecnología es parte de ella.

  4. And then there’s this…. Walmart encourages their employees to get on the govt welfare/sub sistance program.OMG!Should american taxpayers be paying tax dollars to subsidize walmart workers?Where does that land on a scale of 1 to marxist? If walmart is encouraging their employees to get welfare assistance…….who’s the marxist??And just for the record… how you feel about me is none of my business.

  5. AB..fuck that cracker Clinton…Please stop kissing white crackers ass just cause you hate Obama..That is some twisted shit Black folks hating themselves so much they start praising crackers like the Clintons..Fuck that white grey hair prick…That redneck will have you cleaning his sheets when the tea party takes over…Wake the fuck up….You will always bee a nigger to white crackers even so called nigger pimps like the Clintons..You can't be that fucked up..

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  7. Claire – I actually appreciate your lack of answers. As you know, I am Question Person. And I do think that asking the right questions can be as fruitful as grasping for answers that don’t exist. I think the existence of blah days (in life, parenthood, blogging, everything) is an unavoidable fact. How we deal with those blah days though, how we keep them to a minimum, is another question (I can’t answer). Will I always blog? I’ve never thought about this question before. I can’t imagine that I will still be blogging a decade from now, but I can’t fathom stopping either. Time will tell…

  8. Parabéns Iranildo. O verdadeiro campeão é aquele que levanta, sacode a poeira e da volta por cima. Voce ainda nos dará muitas alegrias. A maior de todas é sabermos que Silvãnia está muito bem representada por você em todas as partes o mundo. Você é e será nosso eterno CAMPEÃO.Parabéns Iranildo,

  9. Aww..she seems adorable..Will have to wait and watch to see if it continues…You will be one lucky mother if jealously doesn't set in at some point. I truly hope and pray it doesn't and that she continues to be as lovely as she is!! So nice when your child is mature about it and understands..u are one lucky mum 🙂

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  12. When I talk of “diaspora” I do not refer to geography. I refer to a state of mind. You can live in Ukraine and nevertheless still hold a romantic diaspora state of mind about developments. For Wynnyckyj and Olearchyk, Yatseniuk is what Yushchenko was in 2004: a romantic saviour for Ukraine.We need to move on from seeing presidential candidates as messiah’s and see them for what they are: all shades of grey, self motivated and with big ego’s.

  13. Hey would just like to say you have the most informative videos which have answered lots and lots of my questions so a huge thank you from me……… I am a 47yr old ex bodybuilder from scotland dropped 50lbs and now on track to get back in competion shape on my 5 month mark now and have and many of the same issues you have had with the sour stomach taking omeprazole with great results….Keep up the good work you look fab hope to hear from you soon best regards Stuart ……

  14. 1) When buying clear plastic, make sure it’s flexible enough. (I bought some that was just a bit too thick…)2) If the thread is getting caught on the slit, turn the slit to the opposite side. My spools roll out horizontally. Perhaps if you put the slit to the top?3) Some of the cones do not have a slot so I use a foam mounting tab that they use to mount photos – a small square will do, and stick it to the inside of the cone. Cut a slit to slide the thread into.

  15. …Nov. 13, 2012, 11:43 a.m. 32568 Jack is my hero. On my very horrible days, when I feel like giving up, I remember: If Jack can be strong, so can I. You and Jack have taught me so much and I'm so very blessed to know you. I could wish to the moon and back that your family didn't have to know these struggles. I am glad he is still here giggling and smiling with you. Thank you for sharing his smiles with us, you'll never fully know what they mean to some of us.

  16. Carol, I’ve always found Emilia’s knowledge of glass intimidating as hell! Barbara, what’s “the SUN program”? (Can’t believe how much I don’t know about my own town!Jane, YES! We must get to GlassRoots. Trying to find time for another NYC trip soon. Must go, then! What’s the youngest age that they work with?

  17. et fabou et les autres : J’ai l’impression au contraire que Quentine s’oppose complètement à Pierre. C’est assez clair dans son premier message, même si dans son deuxième message un cynisme peut prêter à confusion (si j’ai bien compris, il faut lire : ça ne sert à rien de se plaindre des banques tant que le système les soutient, fallait pas élire Sarkozy).

  18. That’s all very good. I still wonder why Blogger can’t auto-generate a REAL Sitemap.xml file, rather than have us resort to hacking around with incomplete Feed URLs.It seems so very obvious and trivial for Blogger to produce such a file, when it knows about all our posts on the blog.

  19. I found the staff at sketch to be very arrogant and condescending, which was such a shame considering the place itself was lovely, and the cocktails were scrumptious. gotta love the bathroom as well. your photos are amazing! xx

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  23. Hi, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

  24. Egr. Sig. Crisafi non sarebbe meglio, sa non tutti intendono ed io fra quelli, fare i nomi dei dirigenti? Questa mattina sono stati mesi sul piatto da Carlo Rossini 118 punti che non sono "il programma" ma le richieste, al momento, dei cittadini. Per affrontarli o almeno valutare cosa è possibile fare ci sarebbe bisogno di menti e braccia ovvero di una squadra e lei? Trovo superfluo ricordarLe che senza una struttura alle spalle si va poco lontano

  25. The word lootocracy was onirigally coined to describe the corrupt cartels that have ruled and plundered countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and some of the former Soviet Republics. If you run a lootocracy, you have no conception of sufficiency. You set up the rules to grab as much money as you can, as if you’ve won a supermarket shopping spree. You also concentrate power, the better to arrange the world for your benefit. Unchecked by modesty, satiety, or shame, you take all you can get away with. You loot until someone stops you.

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  30. Ti-guy could talk, deconstruct, talk some more, rationalise a little, talk about it again, do this for the rest of his life and not a thing would change.But that would be ok with him because the status quo is the new progressive.

  31. Shelli and Elizabeth, thanks for this great interview. And no does discourage me but I'll try to get over it. I think I am already making nice with the librarians in our area. And I am starting to query agents this month. Can't start too early, right? ;)Shelli here are my other links. And I am starting a blog roll so I will have all the points. MWA HA HA HA HA

  32. May 24, 2012 Sí, precisamente en el TEDx asistí a muy buenas charlas y conocí muchas otras vía web que son realmente inspiradoras.Acá el cupo era limitado y, aunque me anoté a tiempo, si no podía entrar igual me metía

  33. Like to know more about a mobile pyrolysis or gasification unit to handle forest waste or chicken litter as feedstock to generate electricity, to bottle gas for cooking purposes, and to produce biochar and ash to be used as a fertilizer. Units should have a capacity from 300-1500 kg/hr and are to be located in various parts of Nepal

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  35. AnonymousIn my eyes SPF is and will always be incredibly handsome! And, when he is on screen, it’s pure gold. His portrayal of various characters are always completely beleivable, and he still woos me when he plays a romantic man. He is the whole package (looks, personality, heart). I wish him the best always!

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  37. Clark to Mansfield: What you are advocating ends up saying,”let most of the economy blow up.” Are you really willing to say that?Mansfield: If we’re holding a bomb, I’d rather see it blow up then continue holding it.I hope that answers your question Clark. He does indeed have a financial deathwish.

  38. Happpy Birthday to Yooooou. They’re all good, but there’s having one in motion and on the road makes it so much more adventure-ish. Dashing, you know? So. Dash away. (Somehow, a birthday and Christmas got mixed up. Oh. No. That’s Dasher. Never mind.) Happy birthday.

  39. ¿Que la ropa de los personajes de FFVII las puedes ver en cualquier parte?……………Si, claro. Dime donde has visto a alguien con el modelito rosa de Aeris, por favor…Anda que cualquiera no llamaría la atención con ese vestido, ¡venga ya!Por no hablar de la ropa de Cloud (y mejor no hablemos de sus ropas en AC), la de Vincent, la de Tifa, etc, etc, etc…

  40. Maria – If speaking for the rights of the beautiful, voiceless creatures that cannot defend themselves is considered meanness, so be it. I observe with horror and revulsion what humans subject non-humans to, and in return I ask for rational dialog that cuts through the self-justification and excuses. I’ll win no friends, I’ll change no minds, but perhaps I’ll help inspire a like-minded individual with greater powers of persuasion to step forward one day.

  41. PS: Keep up the good work, no2liberals. This is one meme that needs quashing very badly. It continues to be used as a way of tainting America’s crucial first moves against Islam and thereby discrediting the entire importance of making sure Islamic ideology finds its way into history’s dust bin.

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  44. is the last person I know that spoke with her – that was after her last tweet you posted but he hasn’t heard anything in months either. I wrote her several times after she went offline, only hearing from her once. Have been concerned as well…hope this post helps us find more info.

  45. My female bulldog was a breeder dog before we rescued her. She is the sweetest thing, and I hate the thought that this was how she spent her life before coming to us. I posted the link to this video to my facebook page I hope a couple of my friends see it and send it to their friends.

  46. Good advice – for boys and girls. Navigating socially is hard — hard to teach, hard to learn. Just plain hard. I’ve struggled with all my kids to teach them these (and other uncomfortable social lessons) because it hurts in ways and for times that are impossible to imagine. What really resonated with all three of them even from an early age, though, is even when a apology is offered, that doesn’t mean the apology will be accepted. And that is ok. It can take a while, or maybe not at all. As hard as that can be.

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  49. Of course, aparisian. It’s a well funded, well oiled machine. Ever notice how every time you link to a Zionist-aligned site on the internet, it’s just pasted with ads goading Jews to donate money to various things to “save” Israel?

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  52. Dec12Jim Rouse She did an amazing job. Actually, she was so good she made the race boring! Congratulations! Mr. Davis, the Southern States Sprints were very good but I had to give that FMSA feature the nod. Everyone was on the edge of their seats! Mr. Cabre, I wouldn’t mind that at all; you have a couple of connections, right? Haha

  53. de ce sa fie huiduit, nu inteleg?! N-are voie sa simpatizeze cu o cauza doar pentru ca e politician?! E absurd! N-a confiscat nimeni nimic, erau acolo o gramada de artisti, intelectuali, hipsteri, boemi, stanga, dreapta, talibani de la antene … Iarasi nu vad legatura cu titlul initiativei si directia?! Care ar fi?! Daca ne punem ochelari de cal vedem doar ce vrem.

  54. 1:51 am, April 18, 2012|Declan is cheap to hire, gets the film done on time and budget and the films sell well when come out on DVD/Blu. Why would FOX get rid of him? They don’t give a shit what the fans think as long as these films keep making money.I still stand by Wrong Turn 4. It doesn’t touch 1 or 2 but it was far better than 3. I enjoyed it A LOT more than I expected.

  55. Un sincero grazie ad Andrea per il fantastico lavoro che mette a nostra disposizione…sei da parecchio tempo una delle mie letture preferite sul web..Spero anche io (da ottimsita convinto) che il cambiamento che invochi sia possibile e fattibile…il primo passo forse lo potremo fare con le prossime politiche..Un caro Saluto

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  58. Sorry for everything Faisal, actually I had my exams so I was on leave, so that’s why things weren’t running as smoothly as they used to be.I hope you wouldn’t mind a misunderstanding.Sorry again bro. And as Jawad said, we’ll be waiting for you again and again.

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  60. Wow! I love the bags, the cream one is lovely! And the shorts look great, I'm gonna have to try this out with the mens trews! And go you! I'm such a pushover on facebook, I have loads of people on mine who used to bully me :S

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  64. oh sarah i adore the way you (i myself an guilty as charged) write EXACTLY HOW YOU SPEAK…or at least how i imagine you speak, ha…your images always speak to me and your words…well they hit me right in my heart. xoxo sweet friend

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  127. I agree that the hanging up and calling back has worked like a charm. Though I must admit if you call back to quick and its a small company you may end up getting the same person as it has happened to me. You need to no take somethings too personal and I tell people if you have something to say sometimes the best thing to do is to just say it.

  128. Hi Evie,It was magical, confusing but magical. I am glad we got to watch some of it together.Thanks for giving Taryn time this weekend. I think she’s had a really good time running around with her bunny girl. I’ve enjoyed it too. I also had a really good time exploring the city with you and doing a little base jumping We will have to do that again when we explore a new city in the game.Love you, Evie,Ben

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  130. I didn’t mean to sound condemnatory – far from it. It’s just that you had a lot of things to say that were important for people to read, and posting them in a blog would make these things easier to read and to get at than having them buried at the bottom of an unlit staircase behind a door marked ‘no girrafes on unicycles beyond this point’.

  131. Carol, Thanks for blessing us this morning with your prayers over Joanne and her family. The same thought has come to mind to me over and over in regards to holding the four corners of her mat for her as we take her to Jesus. Powerful stuff. Powerful God. Praying along with you is an honor.

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  136. When the news about Kennedy came out, I looked at the internet comments. Dr. Savage is the only one to publically say what the real American taxpayers think. There were 420 comments at that time-99percent mentioned Kennedys voting record and the rest were yelling back saying that no one should critize him.

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  141. I am guilty of the same thing — I tend to put my feed-reading off until the last minute. Even Twitter seems like too much effort these days. They need something easier than Twitter, like maybe a chat stream that only allows 10 characters at a time. They could call it Twtr! 😉 Anyways, just being silly now, should probably get back to work. Cheers 🙂

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  161. Shivam: That bit was intended in a light vein. I’m not saying there’s a direct connection between the NK case and the RY one. But NK was the Delhi Times editor until just a few months ago, and Mr Y certainly worked under her for a long time and was around when the plagiarism incident occurred. The general perception in Delhi Times of bloggers-as-pests could have stemmed from there. (In fact, DT had steadfastly avoided doing any blogging stories for a long time, even though other media, incl. HT City, were full of them.)

  162. To Tom Piatak and others: Given her stance on abortion, she should not have let herself get pregnant at the age of 43! She should have used contraception very carefully. If her children are 19, 18, 14, and 7 years of age, she was probably using contraception to space them out like that. I don’t think she’s *brave* to have that baby, but careless and stupid in the extreme. And yes, I would definitely have aborted the child with Down syndrome, as would most people.

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  173. The problem with the West and Europe is that they insist on sticking to their idea of morals and democracy–we just have to be nice and "they" will want to be like us. So wrong! This blind liberal thinking is giving Islam a foothold in every free country in the world. It is a clear and present danger. One can only hope that journalists like yourself are heard and people realize what they are facing.

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  196. I’m so happy you wrote about your real-life BYU boyfriend…I really like that about blogging. How reading other people’s memories has the ability to inspire (and remind) us of our own experiences. It’s in the que…if only I could get this damn paper (for school) finished. Doh!

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